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The Only Integrated Tailgate Extension With Built In Ramps.

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The Elongator is a patented tailgate with an integrated, folding extension that replaces your factory tailgate.  This extension can lock in two positions.  First at 180 degrees.  This will extend the length of your cargo bed by two feet to help securely carry long loads.  

The extension can also lock at 210 degrees.   This forms the basis of a loading ramp.   Stored inside the Elongator are two 4-foot aluminum ramp sections that attach to the extension in multiple locations.  These create two 6 foot ramps that provide easy access to the cargo bed for wheeled vehicles and equipment such as an ATV, a motorcycle, a lawn tractor or mower.

The Elongator is always with you.  You never have to bring an extension or a ramp.  It is there when you need it and out of the way when you don't.  It does not intrude into the truck bed any more than the factory gate.  There is also a small storage box in the gate to stow things like tie downs, gloves and tools.

Oh... and it looks great.

Whether at work, or at play you don't back down, or back off.


The job gets done. The adventure never ends. The fun rolls on.

Shouldn't your truck be the same way? Shouldn't your truck be an extension of you?

Better yet, an extension - period. One that lets you haul more, load more and just do more.

Introducing the first ever all-in-one tailgate system that can stretch your truck bed, lock at 180 and 210° and ramp load just about any damn thing with wheels on it.

So move over sliced bread, you've had a nice run, but the next best thing is here.

This is about a truck doing something no truck has ever done before.

This is a truck doing more than anyone could've imagined.


Tough and Beautiful

We are tough on our trucks.  We use them for construction, hauling, towing, off-road sports, weekend projects and just about anything else you can imagine. We designed the Elongator for what we needed in a tailgate.  In early 2018 we will offer this same tailgate to you.

Made of aluminum and steel the Elongator has been designed to take as much abuse as your truck does and keep coming back for more.

And yes, it is proudly designed and made in the U.S.A.

One-time, five minute installation.

The Elongator can be easily installed by the owner in minutes on popular pickup truck models as a replacement to the OEM tailgate.

Once you install it, the Elongator will be there out of the way - until you need it.

Takes up no additional space.

The gate extension is integrated into the Elongater.  It is out of the way.  You will not notice it until you need it.

You will wonder how you ever did without it for so long.


  • Extension Locks at 180 & 210 Degrees
  • Extends Shortbed Trucks To 9 Feet
  • Extends Longbed Trucks To 11 Feet
  • Ramp sections stored in the gate that attach to the extension to create two 6 foot loading ramps.
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Built For Work.  Built For Play.

Built For This.  That.  And Every Other Damn Thing With Wheels.

Built For Bigger.  Better.  Badasser.

Built For The Site.  And The Sites.

Built For Hauling.  Hunting.  How In The Helling.

Built For Never Say Never.


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